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Person to be called in case of an emergency if parents cannot be reached

Note: Please email recent passport size photographs of the child, father, and mother to [email protected]

Family interview

    • It is compulsory for both the parents and the child to appear in the scheduled interview
    • The ADLC’s decision about the admission will be considered as final
    • The admission office will update the family about the result within seven working days after the interview


The parents of an eligible child meeting the admission criterion should complete the following process for enrollment:

    • The admission office will provide a fee challan to the parents
    • The Admission Fees (Non-refundable), Security Deposit (Refundable as per the policy signed by parents) and Tuition Fees and Charges (Monthly) are included in the fee challan
    • After the issuance of challan, the fee should be paid as cash, cheque or pay order at the specified branch within 3 working days
    • Against the paid challan receipt, the Admission Form will be issued by the Admissions Office
    • The Admission Form is to be filled at the premises and needs to include the following:
      1. 6 recent passport size photographs of child
      2. 2 recent passport size photographs of each parent
      3. 2 recent passport size photographs of the person authorized to pick and drop the child other than the parents
      4. CNIC copy of the person authorized to pick and drop the child other than the parents
    • Dully filled form should be submitted to admission office
    • Confirmation of Admission is subject to receipt of Admission Confirmation Letter
    • The child is permitted to avail daycare facility only after receiving the Admission Confirmation Letter from the Accounts Office along with the expected joining date


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Admission Forms

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