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Effects of rapid urbanization on our children!

One mostly thinks of the effects of urbanization in terms of its harmful impact on the physical environment and more so of the inconveniences it causes in the daily routines. However, the impact is much more serious and distressing than what meets the eye, especially for our children.

Looking around, we find our children spending major part of the day indoors in front of the TV, computer or cell phones. Their natural urge of playing outdoors seems to be on its way out as opportunities to do so at home have shrunk drastically due to unavailability of outdoor spaces. Most alarming is their lack of interest in exploring and experiencing nature which is such a natural and vital part of growing up. All over the world, more and more efforts are being made to have children spend most of their day outdoor in natural surroundings to ensure that they become adults who are passionate about caring and protecting the natural environment. This is only possible when children are allowed to play freely in natural settings, to explore the wonder and awe of the natural world, for they must develop a deep connection with it to respect and protect it.

By Nasira Faiz

ADLC Director

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Safeena Yaseen

Very insightful article.

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